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5 Ways to Attract Customers with Apps

Posted by kristen on Thursday, June 7th, 2012

U.S. smartphone users are spending more time using downloaded apps and less surfing the general Web according to Flurry, a mobile analytics firm. The average smartphone user spent 94 minutes a day interacting with self-contained apps on a mobile device, versus only 72 minutes a day on the web either from a desktop PC or a mobile device. Time spent using apps rose 23% from December 2010 to June 2011, and another 15% from June 2011 to December 2011. Growth seems to be mainly due to repeated use rather than longer sessions.

Fortunately, apps are becoming easier to create thanks to the increasing amount of DIY tools. Here are 5 ways to increase your success with this important marketing tool:

1. Build Excitement Early

Remember, if your customers don’t know about the app, then they’re not going to download it. Create excitement for the app before the release, such as a splash page on your website, an email blast to current customers or include flyers at an event. Including things such as a device image, some branding relevant to the app, very basic details about the app’s functionality and social media links can help your app get early attention and gain interest over time.

2.  Use Beta Testers

With your splash page and other preliminary marketing activities, try getting beta testers to sign up to use your app pre-launch. They can provide feedback for improvement and ideally will become brand ambassadors when your app launches. Our in-house nationwide demonstration agency, Cosmetic Promotions, can help with this by handing out invitations at an in-store event to interest possible beta testers from consumers that are already purchasing your products.

3.  Have a Great Icon Design

Since your icon is your salesperson and gains the attention of potential users, you’ll want to make sure it’s beautifully designed. Try to avoid greens and blues since most of the standard Apple icons are either green or blue (as well as a lot of the popular social media apps). Don’t only have one icon, have a set that covers standard sizes, retina display sizes and iPad versions.

4. Use QR Codes

Try putting a QR Code on in-store signage, brochures or print ads so that customers can install your app on their phone within seconds. Your app should lead to content that the customer will find useful like a coupon or order form. Cosmetic Promotions has had great success with adding QR codes to counter cards (created by our in-house design team) that are used for prepack promotions or in-store demo events where the customer’s attention is already captured and it is a natural, easy step for them to scan the code. Call Cosmetic Promotions for details about how we can customize store signage and displays to get your message across.

 5. Run a Sweepstakes

Seize the attention of new consumers by providing an exciting sweepstakes that customers can enter through your app. The entry method could be numerous things such as a comment on the app itself, a creativity contest to add content to the app, or simply a registration form that they get to through your app. Cosmetic Promotions can help create an online landing page that customers get to through your app to register for the sweepstakes, run the contest and even award the prizes, providing you with an exciting tool that is hassle-free.

Regardless of the promotional methods used to attract consumers to your app, remember that it needs to provide useful, consistently updated information to your customers since they are spending more and more time within them. Apps can be a highly successful marketing tool if managed correctly, so what are you waiting for? Call Cosmetic Promotions today to assist with the launch of your new app!



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