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5 Questions to Ask a Demo Agency Before You Hire Them

Posted by kristen on Monday, March 17th, 2014

With customers being bombarded with marketing messages all the time through various medium, the value of being able to try a product right at the point of sale is immense. Demonstrators add the personal touch of explaining your product’s benefits that are of relevance to the customer. However, not all demonstrators are equal. Before you hire a demo agency, here are five questions you should ask.

1.      How many years of experience do you have?

Creating a successful event requires more than just getting a pretty face and sending them to the store. Agencies with experience know what it takes to executive a successful demonstration. They should be able to provide demonstrators appropriate for your target market. Also you want an agency that has worked with your type of product before. You don’t want to be an agency’s first trial run. The CosPro Agency has over 22 years of experience placing beauty experts and makeup artists on a national scale.

2.      How will the demonstrators be informed about the product?

Product information sheets are helpful, but a demonstrator is more impactful when they’re doing more than just reading off facts from a piece of paper. A quality demo agency will ensure that whoever is representing your brand is well-versed on the products and your core message. The CosPro Agency discusses the goals of the client and how their product is different. This knowledge is passed on to demonstrators, and they are trained with supporting information about the product. Demonstrators are only eligible to work an event after they have completed their training – which is done via a gotomeeting platform on the phone in front of a presentation, plus they need to complete a quiz on line AND they get printed materials.

3.     What geographical area do you cover?

Ask the prospective demo agency what area they cover. This is important when you’re considering the scope of your event. Whether you’re doing something at a national chain or just a simple event in one state, you should know what your agency is able to handle in advance. The CosPro Agency has access to beauty experts and makeup artists just about anywhere in the U.S., and is equipped to handle hundreds of events occurring in various cities at once.

4.      How do you gauge the success of the event?

Calculating ROI for marketing activities is always a challenge. You should ask your demo agency how they calculate the success of the event and the skill of the demonstrator. Otherwise, how can you justify the expense of the event? The CosPro Agency provides detailed reports on sales, store traffic, sample/coupon distribution, and if you need it, survey data. Also, we check in each beauty expert personally by phone and have the lowest no-show rate in the industry.

5.      What do you recommend for this event?

A good demo agency should have the expertise to recommend the best way to market your product at events. You might also want to ask what other services they provide. The CosPro Agency customizes each event for the needs of the client – no two events are the same. For example, the CosPro Agency offers printing services so you have the custom support materials you need to enhance your event.

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