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5 Tips to Create Effective Packaging

Posted by Joann Marks on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

StIvesIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach consumers. More and more, people tune out product communication, particularly advertising, which is alternately perceived as invasive or thought of as entertainment. Product packaging has the potential to be one of the most effective means to communicate directly with consumers and drive bottom-line growth.

However, many brands lack a unique personality that creates an emotional connection with consumers. Many products are marketed according to functional benefits alone. Packaging can play anything from a minor role where it simply protects the product from damage, to a strategic role where it becomes part of the distinctive image of the product itself, such as the Coke bottle. In drug stores, the package must perform many of the sales tasks. It must demonstrate the product’s features, give the consumer confidence, and make a favorable overall impression. Here are 5 tips to package your product effectively.

1. Evoke emotion
The ability to evoke an emotional response is the hallmark of great brands and the characteristic that distinguishes them from commodities. The most successful brands start with a great concept and use packaging as a vehicle to transcend the product itself and evoke a positive emotional response. Emotion is the key element that can transform a rational choice into a brand experience. For example, buying milk versus buying the idea of health and quality embodied as milk. The difference is important because, fundamentally, consumers want to feel good about the products they buy and use.

2. Avoid following the herd with colors
It may be tempting to use a color for what it can symbolize, for example white for purity. However, it is important to look at your competitor’s packaging first. A good illustration is when low fat cookies were first introduced and a number of brands had a green color scheme with message saying ‘fat free’ and ‘organic’. The message worked, customers associated the color with the category, but the tactic dramatically reduces product differentiation amongst competitors. 60 to 70% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, so it is important that your product stand out.

3. Cut down on product, not price
At this point many companies feel the need to raise their prices to get more revenue. However, it is no secret that in this economy your customers are likely to balk. A great compromise is to keep the price and change the packaging to contain less product. You may wonder how this is going to work without the customer feeling cheated. Consumers are not good at judging the volume of product, and they often make erroneous inferences about how much a given product contains. For example, a well documented finding has shown that products packaged in long, tall containers are judged to contain more volume than those with equivalent amounts of products in shorter containers. It also has been found that unusual or unexpected packaging lead consumers to estimate the product has more volume than products with run of the mill packaging. So if you’re thinking about downsizing a product’s contents, try playing dress up and get a bold, unusual design.

4. Use eco-friendly packaging
If consumers are likely to have environmental concerns then the packaging attributes of being made from reused materials or being recyclable, can be emphasized. Green packaging is becoming mainstream as manufacturers come under pressure to go green. Various studies show that consumers would be willing to pay a little extra for packaging that is eco-friendly. Over 75% of the environmental impact that a product throws off during its lifetime is determined at the design stage, when, for instance, the materials are chosen, the recyclability of a product is determined, and the amount of toxic chemicals it makes use of is decided. So start going green from the beginning. For example, if you’re making a toothbrush, it could be made from recycled plastic and the packaging can be cut down by only covering the head, and the box made to be recyclable. Some of the more popular eco-friendly packaging methods and materials are biodegradable plastics, recycled paper, and metal. Bio-degradable packaging has actually become cost-efficient with new technology and greater demand, so it is possible that you will gain revenue by switching to biodegradable packaging.

USDA-Seal5. Label your organic product properly
Studies show that a majority of the world’s consumers rely heavily on the use of a certified-organic seal on a package to assure them about a product’s organic certification. The United States relies on the U.S. Department of Agriculture to certify organic products. USDA is the only U.S. federal government agency that standardizes and ensures the quality of organic products. Although there are a number of private groups attempting to define the term organic for the U.S. market, your product must comply with existing USDA regulations in order to display the USDA certified-organic seal on its packaging. This seal can only be used if products are certified as being made with 95-100% organic ingredients. The seal itself can be placed anywhere on the product label. ECOCERT is one of the most recognized independent cosmetic certifiers. Based in Europe, ECOCERT conducts inspections in more than 80 countries However, in the United States, ECOCERT’s certification cannot be substituted for the one from USDA.

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