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More Beauty Shoppers Want Cruelty-Free Products

Posted by Andrea Welzien on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

A selling point that is sometimes overlooked by beauty brands is a cruelty-free manufacturing process. This means that the products are not tested on animals. A nationwide survey of 1,300 women found that more than 75% said it was “extremely important” or “somewhat important” that the products they buy are not tested on animals. This was the 2nd most important factor in purchasing decisions; cost of course being number one.

The survey, conducted by Vitacost, polled 1,266 women, aged 18-60+. Almost a third of women purchase cosmetics every 1-2 months. About three quarters of these women would buy a product labeled “cruelty-free” over the competing product if price and quality remained the same. 45% said that animal rights were “extremely important” to them, and 41% said they were “somewhat important”. 36.7% of those surveyed said that most or ALL of the beauty products they own are cruelty-free.

Here’s a look at just a few of the popular drugstore beauty brands that are cruelty-free.

One of the more recent in the news; CoverGirl decided to make the leap and is now officially certified that all of their products are not tested on animals. This was huge news for drugstore beauty fans who have been loyal to CoverGirl but also want to support cruelty-free brands.

Another great affordable cosmetic brand that saves animals from harm is Milani. With a wide range of Face, Eye, Lip and Nail cosmetics, they have a huge selection of cruelty-free makeup.

Love Beauty & Planet
From shampoo & conditioner to body wash, lotion & bath bombs, Love Beauty & Planet is a great go-to for cruelty free hair and skincare products. Bonus, many of their products are also vegan!

This newer but well-loved drugstore brand made the commitment to go cruelty-free. Some of our favorites are the Sweet Cheeks Blush and the Lip Lingerie Push Up Lipstick.

These are only a few of the many drugstore brands that have committed to going cruelty-free. Others include Ardell, Hask, Physicians Formula, e.l.f., EcoTools and more. Hopefully brands will see how important a cruelty-free manufacturing process is to consumers, and more companies will take the leap!

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