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Love for Animals, Tattoos and Beauty

Posted by Andrea Welzien on Monday, July 1st, 2019

It all started in a small town in Mexico called Montemorelos. Growing up there, Katherine Von Drachenberg (Kat Von D for short) still prides herself on her heritage. She loved art growing up, and was always drawing throughout her childhood. After getting her first tattoo when she was just 14, Kat knew she wanted to be a tattoo artist. She began pursuing her dream, and eventually starred in her own show, LA Ink, about her famous tattoo shop, High Voltage.

Kat’s interest in beauty started as a teenager, when she realized she had an obsession with bold red lipsticks and the darkest black eyeliners. Although she had never thought about starting her own makeup line, she was approached by Sephora and was ecstatic when offered the chance to create her own cosmetics. Launching exclusively at Sephora in 2008, she created bold lipsticks, smudge-proof eyeliners, dreamy eyeshadow palettes and lush brushes. Some of the first shades she created are still best-sellers today, including the iconic Underage Red Lipstick.

As an animal activist and vegan, Kat has had a huge influence through her makeup line. All of her products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. That means never testing on animals, and never made of any animal-derived ingredients. She is involved heavily in the processes of selecting alternative ingredients for her formulas that don’t sacrifice color or quality. Creative as she is, Kat of course personally tests out the formulas but she also names the shades, has a hand in the packaging design and even works on the layouts for the signage at Sephora.

Kat is an inspiration to young women, and her passion for creativity, beauty and kindness to animals shines through her brand. Her journey shows that with hard work and passion for your dream, you can achieve anything. We can’t wait to see what innovative product she comes up with next!

Kat Von D Portrait Photo Credit: Mariano Vivanco CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Built With Love

Posted by Andrea Welzien on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

In 1993, Lisa Price began creating her own hair and body products in her kitchen in Brooklyn. Her recipes are made with love and her inspiration came from her mom, Carol, which inspired her company’s name. She first began selling her products at local flea markets and festivals. Then in 1999, she opened the first Carol’s Daughter boutique in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. She then went online to begin selling Carol’s Daughter products from her website. Success soon followed and in 2002 Lisa Price was hosted on the Oprah Winfrey Show, which boosted popularity of her products immensely.

Price is truly a beauty pioneer—she has authored her own book, “Success Never Smelled So Sweet”, and traveled around the world. After a trip to Tahiti, she introduced a line of Monoi Oil products (made from Tahitian Gardenias), which are now the brand’s #1 selling collection.

In 2014, Carol’s Daughter launched in Target, and in 2015 was obtained by L’Oréal. After a whirlwind of success, Lisa Price’s dreams came true. Recently in 2017, a jar of Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter was added to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture! Carol’s Daughter hair and skin care products are sold in more than 30,000 stores across the country today.

This year, the company is commemorating 25 years in business – a long way from where Price started in 1993. In honor of their 25th anniversary, the brand has launched a campaign called “No Apologies, Born and Made” that inspires woman to embrace their individuality. Price is quoted as saying “I feel more confident than I ever have because we’re approaching 25 years, so the next 25 years should be fine”. She has truly been an inspiration to women to follow their dreams and has showed it’s possible to build a successful product and brand when you start with a labor of love.

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Retailers Need to Surprise & Delight

Posted by Andrea Welzien on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Written by Joann Marks
The following article was featured in the August 2018 Issue of Drugstore News

When was the last time you were truly delighted about a shopping experience? Not about the product (which you could buy almost anywhere), but the actual shopping experience?

You likely haven’t left many stores thinking, “I need to tell all my friends about this!” – unless the experience was awful, in which case you want to tell everyone. In fact, customers who have a BAD experience are two to three times more likely to write a review about it than are customers who had a great experience. Research indicates that each negative review not countered by at least 12 positive ones can cost up to 30 NEW customers. Plus, 42% of customers purchase more after a good experience, while 52% stop making purchases after just ONE bad experience.

Even if we aren’t worried about negative reviews, most shopping experiences are perfunctory. Customers EXPECT a pleasant experience; service should be efficient and polite. A friend used to tell her kids that “good behavior is expected, not rewarded.” In other words, they needed to go over and above to get that ice cream they wanted.

What are we doing in retail today to earn the ice cream? Every chain is working to keep their customers happy; others are really working hard to delight their customers – to exceed expectations, not just satisfy them.

Recently, Ulta decided to randomly reward their top loyalty customers. In conjunction with vendors, they direct mailed a gift – sometimes a full-size product – just for being a loyalty member. This resulted in tons of positive social media and traffic into the stores. Customers were so appreciative of coming home after a long day at work and getting an awesome gift, they told tons of people about it. Bloomingdales constantly surprises me with special offers mailed in very engaging packaging. DSW remembers my birthday every year with a card and a great discount coupon. Similarly, Sephora’s three-tiered reward program offers their best customers more freebies and engagement.

The best example of empowered employees might be here in Orlando, home of Walt Disney World, where staff are expected to make each guest’s visit “magical” with personal attention and service. Their guest return rate is an enviable 70%. It’s not practical to give away product on a large scale, but there are other ways to make customers feel special. This is all about projecting caring and being creative in making their experiences delightful.

Buying beauty online increases every year and almost 40% of all beauty products purchased on-line are bought through Amazon. This counters the notion that mass beauty is flat because there are no testers or help to locate the right shade in stores. It proves that to drive people to the store, we need to make their shopping experience not only satisfying, but engaging, personal and delightful.

Some suggestions to “surprise and delight”:

  • Empower your employees – give them leeway to make the customer’s day magical in some way.
  • Direct mail – send them something out of the blue, even a small gift will delight them.
  • Personal Invitations – host a fun, themed party for your best customers – make them RSVP. Think of ways to make them feel like a VIP, like pre-sale shopping hours or a special coupon discount.
  • Remember their birthday – everyone loves getting a birthday card, especially with a coupon for a free product driving them to the store.
  • Pop Up beauty schools – bring in professional makeup artists and trainers and hold a pop-up school. Women love beauty hacks and are even willing to pay for a class.
  • Surprise savings – instead of putting a coupon on the back of a receipt hoping that will encourage quick return, why not just surprise them with a discount on their next visit within a certain number of days?

Our company is committed to finding new ways to surprise and delight customers. We want to get the ice cream!

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Cosmetic Promotions Featured
in Grocery Business Magazine

Posted by Andrea Welzien on Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Access to purchasing beauty products online is easier now than ever, so customers need more incentive to get themselves to the store. Retailers are turning towards experiential marketing programs and beauty consultants to step up their game. It’s all about creating an experience for the consumer that they can’t get by going online. “In any beauty shopping occasion, the trend now is information and experience” says Joann Marks, founder and CEO of Cosmetic Promotions.

We can work with retailers to provide customized experiential marketing tools for the introduction of beauty products to store associates and their customers. “Grocery chains such as HEB now have beauty consultants in their stores” says Marks.
“They understand that beauty needs a designated person helping the customers.”
For retailers unable to provide beauty consultants, in-store events are a great alternative. Chains including Hy-Vee and Kroger have worked with Cosmetic Promotions to place professional makeup artists in stores for grand-opening events. Whatever your needs and budget, Cosmetic Promotions can customize a program for you!

Read the complete article HERE in the latest digital issue of Grocery Business Magazine!

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Posted by Andrea Welzien on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Do you have a trade show or corporate event coming up? Cosmetic Promotions can help! We design innovative signage and displays, custom tester and sample holders, brochures and provide labor for trade shows to help you with engagement and connection. Get the word out there about your new product line with a custom designed full-color tri-fold brochure. Ask us about special pricing – the more you need, the less you pay per piece!

Need top talent to help showcase your next special event? Let us provide a professional makeup artist or beauty expert to do makeovers, manicures, skin care consultations or product demonstrations! We are your one stop shop for all your event needs. Add a face chart or skin care quiz, product training, poster or custom standee! We can design any custom printed materials, even promotional items such as gift bags, compact mirrors, makeup cases and more.

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