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In-store Events Turns Shoppers into Buyers for Beauty Brands

Posted by Joann Marks on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

In-store sampling eventCosmetic Promotions, Inc., a national marketing and promotional company, coordinates monthly and quarterly beauty box programs and assists manufacturers with the development of their launch kits, in-store demo events and Beauty Advisor Programs. The Beauty Box is a kit with materials for store personnel to use to train them on new product launches and interact with customers. Each box contains manufacturer samples, coupons and testers along with point of purchase materials designed and created by Cosmetic Promotions.

Event results revealed that this direct marketing and educating of the store associates has been enormously successful. A recent 6-hour fragrance trial event, executed by store personnel with vendor supplied materials, resulted in a 460% lift for one brand and a 660% lift for the other from the previous Saturday (same store sales). 64% of the Brands’ sales for that week occurred during the event day. Another cosmetic company saw a 658% increase on their items during their event vs. the Saturday before. Cosmetic Promotions created the printed and promotional materials, collated all the items and handled the distribution for both brands. “Everyone knows that direct contact with the consumer is key;” says Joann Marks, CEO of Cosmetic Promotions, Inc., “The challenge is to make sure you are sending a consistent, correct message to your target audience”.

One manufacturer discovered that coupons distributed via a Beauty Box resulted in almost 700% higher redemption than the ones distributed through Dermatologists offices in the same time period. In addition, while most coupons via FSI and other avenues averaged about a 1.5% redemption rate, the ones that went via these Beauty Boxes earned 5.4% redemption.

Cosmetic Promotions also provides live professional training and on-going education via the beauty box, beauty newsletter and monthly quizzes. Their CosPro Agency can also provide professional makeup artists and beauty experts to execute in-store events for chains who don’t have the personnel to do so themselves. Marks adds, “We look for every opportunity to motivate and engage the Beauty Advisors and other store associates”.

Cosmetic Promotions is celebrating its 24th year in Beauty Marketing and works with all the major Beauty Manufacturers and Retailers.

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Holiday Sampling Program to Reach 20,000 Shoppers

Posted by Andrea Welzien on Monday, July 15th, 2013

holiday-bagCosmetic Promotions’ New Sampling Program Concentrates on Holiday Parades
Because sampling can be very expensive, Cosmetic Promotions helps vendors defray the costs by having multiple samples share one bag and then distributing these goody bags at high-traffic events. For 4th quarter 2013, there are a ton of great opportunities to distribute these bags at holiday parades and festivals.

“Some 89% of all first-time purchases are the result of a trial or sample.”

Holiday Sampling Program Details & Pricing
The CosPro Holiday Sampling Program costs vendors less than 25 cents per sample and delivers their sample (or coupon) to people already in the holiday (shopping!) mood. Samples will be collated into 20,000 holiday-themed drawstring bags and distributed person-to-person by CosPro “Street Team Elves” at events such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, the America’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Los Angeles. There will be a total of 10 holiday events, with 2,000 bags distributed at each.

To participate, contact Tracie Gilbert: 877-665-1640

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Quarterly Sampling Program

Posted by Joann Marks on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Next Up – College Sampling!

Reach 25,000 female college students by joining Cosmetic Promotions’ NEW College Sampling Program happening this fall for Back to School timing. The CosPro College Ambassadors will place a snazzy college-themed bag containing up to five vendor samples and a coupon book on the door of 25,000 female dorm room doors. The six participating colleges were chosen because of the high volume of CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid stores within five miles. This is a perfect way to bounce NEW consumers into these stores; the cost is only $5,500 plus 25,000 flat samples or $3,500 for a coupon inserted into the savings book. But hurry, the program closes on May 31 and it is limited to the first five vendors with qualifying samples.

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10 products I can’t live without or proof direct sampling WORKS

Posted by Joann Marks on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

As the owner of a beauty promotional company, I am lucky to get to try a variety of products all the time. It is one of the best perks of my job but also proves that sampling is still the best marketing tool out there.

Over the years, I have sampled hundreds of products and many of those are products I would have never dreamed of buying. I work hard for my money and don’t want to buy something without knowing it works. I prefer to hear from a friend or a review on the product but I really want to try it myself for FREE.

Because of all the sampling, I now have a bunch of items I can’t live without. Here are my top 10 …

1. Neutrogena Microdermbrasion Cleansing pads – Unfortunately this one is discontinued by JNJ but I scour the internet finding leftovers. Again, I would have been very skeptical about buying these but we were doing some instore demo’s a few years ago and we all got to sample them. All the females in our group over a certain age LOVE this product and it is not unusual for us to notify one another when we find a stash of it somewhere. Please, JNJ, bring this back or if anyone out there cares to send me a box, I will be forever grateful.

2. Skin Doctors Zit Zapper – I d never even heard of Skin Doctors before we were commissioned to do some instore events. Somehow we ended up with an extra one of these wands and I was lucky enough to get it. I still get occasional breakouts (yes, even with my wrinkles) and this little marvel really zaps them and quickly. I used it on my mate’s pimple once and he now calls it the miracle pen. And the darn thing seems to last forever. With my luck they will discontinue this before I have a need to buy a 2nd one.

3. La Roche Effaclar foaming Cleanser – again there was an extra and I thought I would try it, fully expecting to not like it. Well, I was wrong. This creamy cleanser foams up brilliantly and leaves my face feeling very smooth and you only need literally a pea size drop. Since I can’t find it locally, I order it on line or stock up when I am in NYC but one tube lasts me at least 6 months.

4. Garnier Eye Roller – Like millions of other women, I have made this a staple in my daily routine. I love the roller, I love the way it makes my eyes feel refreshed and I think it does reduce my puffiness. Actually, I was the most skeptical about Garnier Nutritioniste line of skincare products. I would have never thought these would be effective but I find the whole line one of the most effective brands I have ever used. I really see results and have had people comment on my skin when I am using the products.

5. Physician’s Formula Talc Free foundation – it took me years to find out that I am allergic to talc – I can’t thank PF enough for this fabulous foundation that covers well and stays on all day. I also love their talc free powders. I wish they would make that new bronzer talc free.

6. Loreal Everpure Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner – My hair has always had what I call performance anxiety. The more important it is for my hair to look good is in direct proportion on how bad it will look. The day I am home washing the dogs, it looks and behaves brilliantly. On the day of my big gala event, it is limp and awful. Anyway, I have gotten some relief by using these new products. Even my hairdresser noticed how much stronger and easy to manage it has been since I started using it.

7. Revlon Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer – My friend swears by those $300 hair dryers and I am not about to pay $300 to dry my hair. But this past spring, our trainers (and I) were trained on the Revlon Hair Dryers sold at Walgreens for $29.99 and each of us was given one. I also got to see a segment of GMA where good housekeeping rated this hair dryer BETTER than the $300 one my friend uses to dry her hair. And I was also given instructions on how to use it and now I feel like a professional! Remember that when setting your next demo event; people need to be educated on how to use the product and WHY to use YOUR product.

8. CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara – I torture my lashes – I curl them and use waterproof mascara so they stay curled. I hate thick clumpy lashes, I want mine to look like those beautiful false eyelashes – long and silky. Well, Lash Exact (and I love the eye brightening ones) is the best one I have tried. And I have tried just about all of them – Lash Blast, Stiletto, Telescopic, you name it – nothing else does the trick.

9. Bliss bath products – I stayed at a W hotel a few years back and was treated to some FREE Bliss products and got hooked. Wish I hadn’t since the stuff is so expensive. I love, love the lemon-sage Body Butter and Soapy Sap shower gel. I even like the shampoo and conditioner. I keep trying to find something that smells as good for less money but no luck. Luckily I stay at W Hotels a lot and all my friends know to get me some for birthdays and such.

10. Regenerist Serum – when the line first came out, we were sent about half a million little tubes of the serum. I was able to use them for almost a year before I had to buy a bottle but now I do and continue to do so.

So there you have it, NOT one of these products would I have ever bought if I had not been given the opportunity to try it. And not only I am hooked and a consistent buyer but I have gotten my friends hooked on many of the items as well.

One thing to remember when doing an in-store event is that is very difficult to get a good ROI on the day of the event – you have to factor in the customers that will become fans, tell others and make repeat purchases all because you had someone in the store one day pimping your brands – just make sure that person is educated and a good representative of your brand. Oh yeah, make sure the product actually works!

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