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5 Secrets to Exit Sampling

Posted by Joann Marks on Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Group of three women laughing and looking at cameraWith ‘media clutter’ it’s difficult to get people’s attention these days. Product sampling forces consumer participation, is likely to make a lasting impression and generates the best type of advertising: worth of mouth. The health and beauty care category is packed with products that are conducive to sampling. In a survey of almost 2,000 people, 92% decided to buy a grocery, household, or health and beauty care product after trying a sample. 73% became aware of new products through samples, and 84% would consider switching products if they liked the free sample. What you want to do is interrupt the normal routine and get people to take a different action. Exit sampling at sporting events, concerts, or festivals reach thousands at one time. Here are 5 secrets to making exit sampling work for your product.

1. Work with the brand’s objective
The reality of game-day sampling is that you can’t sample to everyone at the event or guarantee one sample per person. When determining sample counts, decide whether you want more interaction between the event staff and the fans, or if the goal is simply to meet sample distribution goals. Hand-to-hand sampling at sports venues in particular provides the opportunity to connect fans (a demographic known for their allegiance) with a new brand experience.

2. Timing is everything
When it comes to exit sampling, the timing of distribution is critical. Decide on entrance or exit sampling based on your product. Product information is much more likely to be read by a captive audience waiting patiently for the event to start than when they are rushing to the exit. However, product launches from nationally established brands don’t require as much introduction because people are more willing to try something new from a recognized name.

3. Come up with a laser-focused message
With concerts, festivals, and sporting events tens of thousands of people enter and exit during the event, you simply can’t say everything about the product or brand to them while they’re going in and out. The solution is to agree on no more than three key product features and benefits to communicate to them during the event. An ACNielsen analysis of a health and beauty category sampling event showed an average 36% lift in sales!

4. Keep communications flowing smoothly
It is important to have a single point of contact on both the brand sponsor side as well as on the event management side. All aspects of the event must be discussed. And of course timelines and maps should be used to so that everyone knows exactly what is going to happen when and where, whether or not they will be attending the event. Of equal importance is carefully training the event personnel on the features and benefits of your product. You need brand ambassadors who can speak about how to use your product, when to use your product, other uses for your product, etc., not just people who just hand stuff out.

5. Don’t underestimate exit sampling at concerts
Have a product just for teens? Get the most return on your investment by giving samples to your target market only. With concerts catering to particular audiences, this is the perfect way to determine who will receive your samples. Cosmetic Promotions can make arrangements with the concerts and collate your samples. Find more information on our Teen & College Sampling Program.

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