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5 Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Makeup Artist to Represent your Company

Posted by kristen on Thursday, January 9th, 2014

eraseOne of the things you can do to ensure the success of a new beauty product, or increase brand loyalty on your brand is to offer a chance for the customer to try before they buy. As department stores have long figured out, when a customer is seated in a chair with a professional makeup artist, they are much more likely to buy.  They view that makeup artist as an ambassador of your brand; there to address their concerns personally. But having the WRONG makeup artist can backfire, so it is extremely important to get the right person to represent you. Here are five things you need to know before you hire a makeup artist.

  1. Looks matter

Remember that the makeup artist is representative of your product and your brand. So if the customer is to believe your makeup artist is an authority on beauty, their presentation should reflect that.  The CosPro Agency keeps pictures on record of all makeup artists and hires ages 21-45 and since it is a fact that 37% of all purchasers of color cosmetics are between ages 35-44, the age of the makeup artist is very relevant.

2.  Hire makeup artists with at least 2 years of experience

Consumers like to try before they buy.  A makeup artist skilled in application can optimize that experience and show the customer how to use the product as your brand intended.  In fact, sales can increase up to 400% from in-store demos. The CosPro Agency only hires makeup artists who are experienced. We understand the importance of them having a comfort level applying cosmetics and representing a brand before they do your event.

3. Train your makeup artists thoroughly

Your makeup artist serves as a representative of your brand. They are the ones that are relaying the message to your customer why your product is different when they have hundreds of other options. Be sure that your makeup artist is not only familiar with the benefits of your cosmetics, but also key ingredients and features so they are a true expert. For instance, they’re not just selling a lipstick they are selling beauty, hydration, and whiter teeth. The CosPro Agency doesn’t simply send makeup artists in with products. All artists are trained thoroughly in three ways – interactive training on the phone in front of their computer via Gotomeeting , given a training manual,  and an online quiz. Only makeup artists who participate in the meeting and pass the quiz are allowed to work the event.  And our makeup artists get the kit before the event so they can try the product and wear it to the event.

4.  Make sure the makeup artist matches the target market or the style

Four out of five women wear makeup, but many brands are competing to get their attention. It is important (literally and figuratively) to speak their language.  For example, if your brand or colors appeal to a Hispanic market, make sure the makeup artist is Hispanic and speaks Spanish – nothing is worse than having a Scandinavian looking blonde makeup artist at an African American location.  It shows you don’t care about the customer and the customer won’t be able to relate to the makeup artist. They need to feel that the makeup artist understands their beauty challenges. Did you have a certain makeup style in mind when you launched your product? For instance, if your product is unique and high drama, the makeup artist should come to work with makeup reflecting that. They should also be skilled in creating those looks. The CosPro Agency can hire makeup artists based on your target market or the style you want to create.

5. Use makeup artists with proven success

Beauty is subjective, but how many sales a makeup artist is capable of making is not. Be sure to hire makeup artists that have a proven track record of selling products. The makeup artist should be able to take their training and makeup expertise and effectively sell. A makeup artist’s selling style should not be pushy. If they present themselves as an expert in beauty and know how to speak to your product’s benefits, the sales should come organically. The CosPro Agency trains their makeup artists not only on the product but how to sell and keeps records on our top sellers. Plus only CosPro Makeup Artists have a process to train the store employees so that they keep selling your product long after the makeup artist has left the building.



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