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You guys have been a great help and do such amazing work! It has been a pleasure working with you.
Laura Quinn, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
I received a CVS Beauty Gift Guide in the mail yesterday. I wanted to let you know that it looks amazing, and that you guys did an incredible job.
Jonathan Lieberman, JDL Fragrances
Thank you Tracie for being an AMAZING partner! I couldn’t have done this without you!!
Kayla Sanderson, Revlon
Cosmetic Promotions is the industry’s best kept secret weapon.
Emily Colby, DMM Kmart
You are miracle workers.
Mary Drapp, Unilever - Shopper Marketing Manager
I wanted to let you know how much of a pleasure it’s been working with you over the past year and a half! You and the entire CosPro team have absolutely always been my favorite vendor to work with, even through all the crazy times!
Ciara Gallagher, Account manager
We can tell which ones (kits) come from you… very well put together!
Carolyn Goodrow, Coty Beauty, Inc.
Kudos on another amazing job!
Jake Uveges, Team Unilever Agency
This event has been Colour Prevails' most successful marketing program to date.
Shayna L. Yagoda, Brand Manager, Partnership Brands, Owned Brands Walgreens Co.
This is amazing work. It’s really a testament to our collective efforts through the year — awesome!
Michelle Hobson, Walgreens - Sr. Manager, Beauty Program Development
Erin & Migdalia were great! They were very professional, knowledgeable, and very engaging with the Family Dollar personnel! They were a tremendous asset to the success of the Coty Booth at the Show. If there is a Family Dollar Show next year, and we repeat the Mani offering, I would definitely request Erin and Migdalia!
Stuart Bardwell, Coty
All four of the experts you sent were on time and very professional. These ladies worked hard for four hours straight and I have never been more impressed with outside help. I could not say enough about the quality of talent that was sent to this event. Also the two girls whom were hired to do CoverGirl makeovers were just as outstanding. We look forward to utilizing your associates next year and whenever we have work where we can take advantage of such a professional company.
Jim Forman, Shankman & Associates
I have known and worked with Joann on and off for the past 20 plus years. In my opinion, Joann is the best of the best when it comes to developing creative tools and solutions to drive sales and profit with in the beauty category. She is a master at developing a sales concept from the idea stage all the way through to execution. Joann and her team are very detailed oriented. Nothing leaves her facility without being checked and double checked. I knew that when a project agreement was signed, with Joann and her team, the final product would be delivered on time, up to spec and error free. As a sales executive, who balances a number of projects and deadlines, the service and expertise Joann deliverer’s priceless. Over the years, Joann has built my capacity and my business. SHE IS SIMPLY THE BEST OF THE BEST.
Bradlee N. Farnworth, P&G Urban Convenience HFS - West Market Manager
I had a chance to review our Lux Bath box before I left the office today - really, really great job! Thank you for taking on this added responsibility/project. I am confident our stores will appreciate it, build new sales and truly provide a higher level of customer care.
Michelle Hobson, Walgreens - Sr Manager, Beauty Program Development
The artwork and design of collateral pieces always meets or exceeds expectations. Great work!
Phil Greil, CVS Caremark
It's been a pleasure to work with you! We have interviewed other demo companies to support our U.S. and International business and have not found anyone as exceptional, knowledgeable or as detail oriented as CosPro! Thank you so much for your great partnership!
Jill Nisson, Yes To
Hi Kristin, I have been meaning to contact you & tell you about the makeovers at Meijer... it was wonderful. The makeup artists were fabulous - everyone really liked them. It was obvious they knew what they were doing. The women enjoyed the freshen up.
Kathy Scott, Neutrogena
I wanted to write and let you know we received and distributed the samples to our female students. The students are very thankful and appreciative of such gifts. We have a thank you card that we would like to mail and would like an address to mail it to you.
Joy Osorio, Clark Atlanta University
I just wanted to congratulate you on your 20 years! You have a great team, which really sets your organization a part from the rest. Tracie is a gem to work with at Rite Aid.
Melisa Friedl, Physicians Formula Cosmetics
Thank you for the samples! It made me a TRUE believer and I feel I now know about the products!
Lorraine Lee, Walgreens Beauty Advisor
Kristin Bocox is excellent to work with and so helpful.
Jane Malan, Soap Opera Digest
Your agency is a pleasure to work with! Your follow up and attention to detail is tremendous.
Natalie Barras, L'Oreal
The make-up artist you hired was was simply great - she really seemed to enjoy her interaction with the attendees and she was very knowledgeable.
Cheri Sullivan, Rockwell Collins
I just wanted to let you know what a great job Magdalena & Laurie did at the Hen House Holiday Celebration. They did a lot of makeovers over the 3-day weekend and the consumers loved it.
Rosella Favoroso, TLConcepts LLC
As a representative of Cover Girl I want to thank you for you hard work during the Women's Health & Lifestyle Fair.
Louise Reese, Procter & Gamble
Thank you for sending Camille to us. She did an awesome job and was a great smiling face for our fair.
Amanda Leavitt, Rite Aid Wellness Ambassador
I was at an Ulta trade show this week and received many compliments about the reps supporting Yes To at the Ulta grand opening this year. The store managers had nothing but good things to say. Thanks for all of your support on these great events!
Dana MacDonald, Yes To
The two demonstrators at our recent grand opening are welcome back to a Rite Aid event any time. They were professional to work with and made helpful suggestions to the setup and the products at the event. They were very welcoming to our customers, both young and old, and certainly encouraged product sales for the nail category.
Karin Long, Rite Aid
The recent article in Women's Wear Daily was really terrific. You certainly do provide an excellent service. I also know you respond so very well for your clients. We are certainly very appreciative of your service for many years. You always deliver on your promises.
Jerry Dowell, Dowell Group
Congratulations on achieving the 20 year mark! I remember when you first started and am thrilled you have been so successful. Your dedication and hard work have really paid off. Here’s to another great 20 years for you!
Faith Goedde, Maybelline NY
Congratulations on hitting an outstanding milestone of 20 years in the business. I wish you all the best!
Brad Farnworth, Procter & Gamble
What an outstanding job your ladies did closing sales... proof this is a promotion that pays off in many ways.
Kathy Scott, Neutrogena Cosmetics
In the 9-store makeover test we conducted for Black Radiance, we saw a 34% increase vs. the week prior to the event and the total sales lift for all 3 weeks vs. last year was 26%. It would appear the demos have had a positive impact on sales.
K. MacDonald Parris, Markwins
I received the re-cap for the first 25 HEB store demos - very impressive! I appreciate the thoroughness...
Lisa Fitzsimmons, Markwins
Thank you for always being a pleasure to work with.
Keralea Pratt, Schwarzkopf and Henkel
Thanks to you and your team for making this event work so smoothly.
William Ferry, Revlon
I looked back at some of the weeks following your giveaways and it looks like we went from an average of about 450 hits on the website a day to approximately 1100 a day which held up for about a week following the promotions. Many people registered on our site and were looking for information on their nearest store that carried the products.
Jesse Lawrence, Jesse's Girl Cosmetics
Thank you for your assistance with the project! We really appreciate all the support you provided throughout the project. We look forward to working with you again very soon.
Courtney Olson, P2B, Inc.
Thanks for forwarding this information - we saw tremendous results in the stores that had sampling.
Ciara Fournier, Coty
Excellent, and thanks for the great pics! The bags are really quite cute and the excitement is seen in the photos... Thanks for your continued and top notch support!
Carrie Pecher, Walgreens
Alpha is welcome back anytime... she sold through our stock faster than any of our in-store associates have recorded.
Jeff Hartnet, JCPenney
Thanks for the update. Also thanks for the sign kit. They look great, and are hanging all over our office.
William Ferry, Revlon
Joann, Just wanted to let you know that Elisa's presentation yesterday on c.Booth's and Kiss was very fun and informative, as she always is.
Sheila Summerville, Walgreens
Again, you are amazing - thanks!!!!!
Ciara Fournier, Coty
Nice work gang!!! Keep up the great work and strong results. I am thrilled that the Max Factor demo's delivered outstanding business results.
Brad Farnworth, P&G
Wow - great results!!!!
Jeanne Bartlett, Procter & Gamble Sales
BRAVO!!! Nice work
Lauren R. Kavanagh, Supervalu Cosmetics
Early returns for the Jewel Osco Max Factor demos are outstanding!!! The demo is creating a lot excitement among your customers and the best news is that we have blown the closure rate right out the window, at an extraordinary 414 percent, which means the makeup artist has sold 112 products in 4 days averaging 28 sales per day during a 4-hour day.
Ronnie Hayden, P&G
I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for your hard working putting together the SaturDate sample kits for our upcoming event. We just received a box from you - the bags are great - very professional and fun! I'm sure the stores will enjoy these.
Michelle Hobson, Walgreens
Thanks for the perfect execution!
Gulam Khan, Coty US, LLC
You and Joann are wonderful to work with.
Nikki Murphy, Walgreens
Cosmetic Promotions has been amazing, as always, to work with. Our client is very happy with how smoothly the planning has gone, and we definitely have you and your company to thank for that.
Elizabeth Knickerbocker, Frank About Women
Professionalism, attention to detail, awesome re-cap.
Deb Remkus, P&G Meijer Team
The makeup artists were fabulous - everyone really liked them. It was obvious they knew what they were doing. The women enjoyed the freshen up.
Kathy Scott, Neutrogena Cosmetics
Thanks for all your help! You made the best of a difficult situation and it is appreciated.
Thomas LaBarre, Coty LLC
Will you tell Ted that this (newsletter he designed) looks awesome!!!!
Sarah Rack, Coty Walgreens Account Manager
I have worked with Cosmetic Promotions over the past 7 years and I have never been disappointed. The entire staff is reliable, flexible and most importantly has a "can do" attitude that makes any project a pleasure. Thanks!
Leigh Harmison, Coty Beauty (formerly Maybelline)
Cindy, thank you very much! You and Joann have made this process very easy for us and I look forward to doing more of these programs in the future.
Tim Salcer, Chattem
(When) You are working my projects, I never worry ...
Kelly Bowe Frederick, P&G Beauty
Thanks to you & Ted for making this happen and such quick timing. You guys ROCK!
Kelly Bowe-Frederick, Procter & Gamble

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